Quaero Iunctum

The Misadventures of the Apple Pancake Company!
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The group sets out to investigate a volcano made of ice that looms on the horizon of the Frozen North. With some successful sneaking, they overhear a conversation between the mysterious Dantalion and a lion-like Rakshasa named Balthazar (apparently Dantalion’s lackey). This conversation reveals that Balthazar intends to free the sealed god Jormungar and thus win his favor for Dantalion. The group also discovers that a Remorhaz has managed to sneak up on them. After a few heated- er, chilled- rounds of combat, Jaquelin smashes through the ice and sends the beast plummeting to its doom and the group to its frustration. They successfully navigate a maze of icy ladders pathways that was keeping them from their exit, and emerge in time to make a sneak attack on Balthazar’s posse. Having defeated these fiery foes, the group eagerly returns to Æviheim for their reward. Unfortunately, Shalkor is less than willing to part with the crown, and reveals that Jormungar as well as the power of the crowns was a huge lie. Elth abruptly pulls him aside and they have an extremely suspicious conversation. Balthazar then bursts in demanding to know the meaning of the group’s antics, implying that he and his Phoelarchs were employed by Shalkor the whole time. Acacia swipes the crown in the confusion, and Leo mistakenly frees Jormungar. As hell is literally breaking loose, the group begins bravely, bravely running away. During this chase, Leo converts his magical horse into a magical flying horse. Jormungar devours Shalkor, destroying half of the town in his efforts to free himself from the ice, and the group manages to talk him out of destroying the rest. Jaquelin smashes the crown, freeing Jormungar completely. Contrary to what the group has heard, Jormungar seems like a nice guy, and is grateful to the group for freeing him. He pledges his aid to the group whenever they should need it, and disappears into the æther. Meanwhile, Acacia remembers that she has been carrying around yet another deity in her backpack, this one imprisoned in a glorified bouncy ball. She frees her mother, Titania the fairy queen, who assures her that she acted in Acacia’s best interests by sending her away. Acacia is also assured that she has a great destiny ahead of her, after which Titania disappears. The group is now stranded in a frozen wasteland, plotting their next move as fervently as the DM is planning hers.

Will Acacia ever get a chance to chew out her crazy mom properly? Will the group manage to stay out of Celeon’s gaze long enough for them to finish their quest? Will Dantalion take them more seriously after he finds out what they’ve done to his house? Is anybody actually reading this plot synopsis? Tune in next time to see what else has been broken, cursed, killed, or otherwise destroyed by THE APPLE PANCAKE COMPANY!


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