Hark, an adventurer!

Welcome, dear traveler, to this fair site which lies upon the web! (ahem) Yeah, no, I’m not gonna talk like that. I need to save my fancy voice for the D&D sessions, dontcha know. This is the homepage for a campaign that I’m probably going to call “The Search for Unity,” otherwise known as “Hey, let’s take over the world!” It tracks the progress of a group that has dubbed itself the Apple Pancake company as they attempt to conquer continents, annihilate armies, and subjugate the gods! (Alliteration only takes you so far.) I’m both your host and theirs, the current Dungeon Master, Antigone. You may call me supreme overlord, and/or moste great and terrible goddess. Alternatively, if you get me a coffee, you can call me Tig.

Quaero Iunctum